Artificial Intelligence

SMART4NET provides customized AI consultancy and trainings, and works together with you on your projects.
We also provide research and prototype development services in order to make sure that proposed solutions work in practice. In order to provide state-of-the-art solutions we collaborate with wide range of experts from Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Open Source Software Development Center and Department for Software Engineering at University of Belgrade.

Our area of expertise includes

Open Source

We provide support for Java Neural Network Framework Neuroph , custom components and tool development.

Neuroph is state-of-the-art Java open source neural network framework. It provides neural network Java libraries and rich visual tools for building neural network based solutions. Neuroph is a stable open source product with growing community, and 6 year development history. It is being developed mainly at Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Open Source Software Development Center at University of Belgrade, and by the contributors all around the world. 

Neuroph Framework recived  Dukes Choice Award 2013.   from  Oracle Corporation  as one of the most inovative software on Java platform in 2013. To learn more about Neuroph see  Neuroph Manifesto

SMART4NET provides support, consulting and custom development services for Neuroph framework for commercial and research projects. Our services include:

Custom neural network development

Development of custom neural network including training and testing, ready to deploy to your Java application. You just provide your data set and test cases  (validation set).

Custom Neuroph feature/tool development

Need some new features on framework level, user friendly wizard specific for your application domain, visualization or visual editing tools? Thanks to Neuroph modular architecture we can develop and deliver customized plugins just for you.

Consulting & Support   
If you need quick bug fix, advice or help with your neural network project, we can provide services per hour or per project basis.

We can prepare and provide customized trainings for your development team, which will help you to put focus on problem solving, and increase the productivity.

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